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Solar built for YOU



We customize a system for your needs whether you need a new roof and would like to upgrade to our solar roofing or recently had yours replaced and are interested in a low-profile system.


No upfront investment needed

By partnering with one of the largest solar financiers in the country, our $0 down options can have you saving on utility bills day one.

Low profile, high performance

Bulky rack mounted solar is an eye sore of the past. With our deck mounted and low profile options, your system is designed by roofing experts to keep the integrity of your roof.




Is your home the right fit for solar?

Solar doesn't work for everyone. Your roof needs to be the right size, shape, direction, and receive enough direct sun to produce effectively.  Contact us at te bottom of the page for a custom design based on your home and your needs


How it works


Solar uses sunlight to produce electricity used to power your home

When you produce more than you need, excess electricity is sent back to the grid making your meter run BACKWARDS! This process is called "Net Metering"

With net metering, these energy credits are saved on your utility account. During the day when your system is producing, you build up credits for when you need them at night. Annually, credits are saved during the summer months when your system is most productive to be used in the winter

Dollars make sense


On average, electric rates increase by 2.8% annually. Overtime, you will be throwing away THOUSANDS in unnecessary utility bills. Solar will put the power back in YOUR hands by giving you utility independence.

  • Cost to stay with local utility: $70,000+

  • Cost to finance solar over 20 years <$25,000

  • Net cost to buy for solar post incentives <$15,000

Why us?

By partnering directly with manufacturers, we cut out the middle man and have customized product shipped directly to your door.  This allows us to have competitive pricing insuring that you maximize savings potential.

Let our portfolio speak for itself 


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Contractor Program

We are here to assist contractors and sales organizations get started in the solar industry. Please note that you are a business looking for a partnership.  

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